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ASBCI Lands Philippine’s Leading Food and Beverage Conglomerate

ASBCI is proud to be working with one of the prominent subsidiaries of the country’s leading Food and Beverage Multinational Conglomerate.

Known for providing good food and related services thereby meeting and satisfying the needs of every home, every family, and every Filipino in the country, this subsidiary is undoubtedly the most diversified food player in the country today.

To ensure that the products and services enjoyed by millions are delivered in timely fashion, ASBC has been chosen as one of the brokerage industries to do this essential function for their variety of canned goods and frozen meat products.

In July 2018, ASBC started managing one of the most popular brands of canned cooked pork in the country, the Spam.

By Bing Ramos from Quezon City, Philippines – “Spam Meal”, CC BY 2.0,

This was followed by other in-demand products in the year 2020 like Skippy, Hotdog and Corned Beef.

In the same year, ASBC has been granted another opportunity and handled the frozen meat of chicken, pork, beef and buffalo.

ASBC has been responsible for facilitating its customs clearance, managing government compliance and processing of payment. Day and night, ASBC never leaves its post until its commitment is delivered.

With a team highly knowledgeable in entry procedures, classification, valuation, and the duties and taxes imposed on imported goods, its licensed brokers help clear the shipments smoothly and without hassle.

ASBC guarantees the best arrangement for logistics needs and transport services to ensure organized and fast point-to-point moving.

Just as ASBCI values its own business, so does its clients’ goals and concerns, making sure that” PEACE OF MIND is well DELIVERED”.

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