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Commitment to Operational Excellence

SMC Global Power stands as a prominent force in the Philippine energy sector, distinguished by its cutting-edge facilities and utilization of world-class technology. The company’s scope of operations spans across power generation, power supply, battery energy storage systems, and retail electricity supply, positioning it as a comprehensive solution provider within the industry.

Operating under the SMC Global Power umbrella are three key subsidiaries that play pivotal roles in the company’s diverse operations:
1. Mariveles Power Generation Corporation
2. Daguma Argo Minerals Inc
3. Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd

On June 2023, SMC Global Power entrusted ASBCI with the critical task of handling the importation of heavy equipment trucks, specifically MAN Dump trucks. These trucks, symbolizing a significant investment in infrastructure and operational capabilities, arrived on June 30, 2023. The consignment included 2 Units of Dump Trucks designated for Mariveles Power Generation Corporation and 10 Units for Masinloc Power Partners Co., LTD.

ASBCI’s successful release of the heavy equipment trucks following the thorough examination not only ensured regulatory compliance but also met and even exceeded the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and expectations. By facilitating the seamless customs processing and timely release of the trucks, ASBCI demonstrated their commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Meeting the client’s KPIs involved factors such as adherence to timelines, accuracy in documentation, and efficiency in handling the importation process. ASBCI’s ability to navigate complex regulatory procedures, coordinate with multiple agencies, and ensure the smooth flow of logistics contributed significantly to the achievement of these KPIs.

Furthermore, ASBCI’s performance in this importation process showcased their expertise in managing heavy equipment imports and their dedication to delivering results that align with their client’s expectations. This successful outcome not only strengthened the partnership between ASBCI and SMC Global Power but also highlighted ASBCI’s capabilities as a reliable and efficient logistics partner in the energy industry.

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