Customs Brokerage & International Freight and Cargo Forwarding


Service Beyond Border

With its commitment to extend the services beyond borders, Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc. (ASBCI) has once again proven that it is worthy of its client’s trust and confidence.

From Manila, all the way to the province of Bataan, ASBCI was able to appropriately assemble a dynamic team in 2021 to meet the refinery lifting / withdrawals’ daily requirement. From documentation to release of the Provisional Goods Declaration (PGD), the team has guaranteed effective monitoring and timely fulfilment in every process toward excellent delivery of its services.

On September 28, 2021, ASBCI received its first accreditation from the Authority of Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB).

Indeed, when an organization’s service delivery demonstrates commitment to customer interests, and a focus on accountability – when we prove to customers that we have their best interests in mind, they start building relationships with ones they have faith in. AND THIS KIND OF SERVICE IS WHAT ASBCI NEVER FAILS TO UPHOLD.

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