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We Are Hiring!

Job Title: Business Development Manager
Company: Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc.
Reporting To: President

At Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc., we believe that long-term growth is the key to business success. We are looking for an experienced Business Development Manager to join our team and help us achieve our vision. The ideal candidate will collaborate with various departments to drive measurable results, expand our market reach, and strengthen client relationships. They will implement effective sales strategies, train our sales team, and actively seek new business opportunities to increase revenue and distinguish our company in the market.

Objectives of this Role:
1. Develop, implement, and manage a business strategy focused on growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.
2. Cultivate and sustain positive professional relationships with clients.
3. Apply financial strategies to boost sales revenue.
4. Monitor sales performance to ensure alignment with corporate goals.
5. Manage and track all business-related invoices.
6. Train and develop sales professionals to enhance their skills and performance.

1. Conduct comprehensive industry research to create effective sales solutions.
2. Promote the company’s products or services to potential clients.
3. Participate in collaborative business meetings to inform key stakeholders.
4. Provide ongoing, constructive feedback to the sales team.
5. Review sales contracts to ensure compliance with legal and corporate standards.
6. Engage with clients and address critical inquiries about the company’s products or services.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. Demonstrated track record of sales growth.
2. Experience in customer service, marketing, or a related sales field.
3. In-depth knowledge of business and sales growth strategies.
4. Excellent project management abilities.
5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
6. Passion for the company and its growth potential.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience managing sales or marketing teams.
2. Strong negotiation and networking skills.
3. Excellent organizational abilities.
4. Effective problem-solving skills.
5. Educational background in business, marketing, or finance.
6. 3-5 years of experience in international and domestic freight, customs brokerage, or the logistics industry.
7. Proven track record in developing and implementing sales strategies.
8. Familiarity with market trends and industry best practices.
9. Ability to analyze sales performance metrics and recommend improvements.