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We Are Hiring!

Job Title: Business Development Manager
Company: Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc.
Reporting To: President

At Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc., we believe that long-term growth is the key to business success. We are looking for an experienced Business Development Manager to join our team and help us achieve our vision. The ideal candidate will collaborate with various departments to drive measurable results, expand our market reach, and strengthen client relationships. They will implement effective sales strategies, train our sales team, and actively seek new business opportunities to increase revenue and distinguish our company in the market.

Objectives of this Role:
1. Develop, implement, and manage a business strategy focused on growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.
2. Cultivate and sustain positive professional relationships with clients.
3. Apply financial strategies to boost sales revenue.
4. Monitor sales performance to ensure alignment with corporate goals.
5. Manage and track all business-related invoices.
6. Train and develop sales professionals to enhance their skills and performance.

1. Conduct comprehensive industry research to create effective sales solutions.
2. Promote the company’s products or services to potential clients.
3. Participate in collaborative business meetings to inform key stakeholders.
4. Provide ongoing, constructive feedback to the sales team.
5. Review sales contracts to ensure compliance with legal and corporate standards.
6. Engage with clients and address critical inquiries about the company’s products or services.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. Demonstrated track record of sales growth.
2. Experience in customer service, marketing, or a related sales field.
3. In-depth knowledge of business and sales growth strategies.
4. Excellent project management abilities.
5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
6. Passion for the company and its growth potential.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience managing sales or marketing teams.
2. Strong negotiation and networking skills.
3. Excellent organizational abilities.
4. Effective problem-solving skills.
5. Educational background in business, marketing, or finance.
6. 3-5 years of experience in international and domestic freight, customs brokerage, or the logistics industry.
7. Proven track record in developing and implementing sales strategies.
8. Familiarity with market trends and industry best practices.
9. Ability to analyze sales performance metrics and recommend improvements.

Commitment to Operational Excellence

SMC Global Power stands as a prominent force in the Philippine energy sector, distinguished by its cutting-edge facilities and utilization of world-class technology. The company’s scope of operations spans across power generation, power supply, battery energy storage systems, and retail electricity supply, positioning it as a comprehensive solution provider within the industry.

Operating under the SMC Global Power umbrella are three key subsidiaries that play pivotal roles in the company’s diverse operations:
1. Mariveles Power Generation Corporation
2. Daguma Argo Minerals Inc
3. Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd

On June 2023, SMC Global Power entrusted ASBCI with the critical task of handling the importation of heavy equipment trucks, specifically MAN Dump trucks. These trucks, symbolizing a significant investment in infrastructure and operational capabilities, arrived on June 30, 2023. The consignment included 2 Units of Dump Trucks designated for Mariveles Power Generation Corporation and 10 Units for Masinloc Power Partners Co., LTD.

ASBCI’s successful release of the heavy equipment trucks following the thorough examination not only ensured regulatory compliance but also met and even exceeded the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and expectations. By facilitating the seamless customs processing and timely release of the trucks, ASBCI demonstrated their commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Meeting the client’s KPIs involved factors such as adherence to timelines, accuracy in documentation, and efficiency in handling the importation process. ASBCI’s ability to navigate complex regulatory procedures, coordinate with multiple agencies, and ensure the smooth flow of logistics contributed significantly to the achievement of these KPIs.

Furthermore, ASBCI’s performance in this importation process showcased their expertise in managing heavy equipment imports and their dedication to delivering results that align with their client’s expectations. This successful outcome not only strengthened the partnership between ASBCI and SMC Global Power but also highlighted ASBCI’s capabilities as a reliable and efficient logistics partner in the energy industry.

Dedication That Surpass Expectation

San Miguel Infrastructure stands as a key player in the Philippine construction sector, renowned for its involvement in several major infrastructure projects across the country. These projects include the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX), Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR), South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Skyway System, NAIA Expressway (NAIAX), Boracay Airport, MRT-7 rail and road project, and the Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project. These infrastructures play crucial roles in enhancing transportation, connectivity, and overall development in their respective regions.

Operating under San Miguel Infrastructure are two subsidiaries:
1. SMC SLEX: This subsidiary focuses on the development and management of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), a major thoroughfare connecting Metro Manila to Southern Luzon provinces. SMC SLEX plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and efficient transportation along this vital corridor.

2. Star Infrastructure Development Inc: Star Infrastructure Development Inc is another subsidiary under San Miguel Infrastructure, contributing to the development of various infrastructure projects that promote economic growth and connectivity nationwide.

On November 2023, ASBCI was selected to handle the importation of heavy equipment trucks, specifically MAN Dump trucks, for San Miguel Infrastructure. These trucks arrived in two batches, with the first batch arriving on November 03, 2023, and the second batch on December 15, 2023, at the Port of Bauan, Batangas.

The importation of 27 units of MAN Dump trucks signifies San Miguel Infrastructure’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a modern and efficient fleet of heavy equipment for their construction projects. ASBCI’s involvement in handling the importation process reflects their expertise in logistics management and regulatory compliance, ensuring the seamless integration of these trucks into San Miguel Infrastructure’s operations.

Overall, this initiative underscores San Miguel Infrastructure’s dedication to delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions and ASBCI’s capabilities as a trusted partner in handling complex importation processes for heavy equipment in the construction industry.

Following their arrival at the Port of Bauan, Batangas, the MAN Dump trucks underwent a rigorous examination as part of the customs processing and releasing procedures. This examination, conducted collaboratively with the customs representative of ASBCI, the Bureau of Customs, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), and the Coast Guard, aimed to ensure compliance with all regulatory standards and safety protocols.

During the examination process, each aspect of the MAN Dump trucks was thoroughly assessed, including their specifications, documentation, and overall condition. This meticulous scrutiny was crucial in verifying the trucks’ adherence to importation regulations and confirming their suitability for use in San Miguel Infrastructure’s construction projects.

The involvement of multiple regulatory agencies such as the Bureau of Customs, PDEA, and the Coast Guard underscores the complexity and importance of customs clearance for heavy equipment imports. ASBCI’s collaboration with these agencies exemplifies their commitment to thoroughness, transparency, and regulatory compliance in managing importation processes on behalf of their clients.

By successfully navigating the customs examination and processing, ASBCI demonstrated their expertise in logistics management and regulatory affairs, ensuring the seamless integration of the MAN Dump trucks into San Miguel Infrastructure’s fleet of heavy equipment. This achievement not only highlights ASBCI’s capabilities as a trusted logistics partner but also reinforces San Miguel Infrastructure’s commitment to operational excellence and compliance in their construction endeavors.

ASBCI successfully facilitated the release of the heavy equipment trucks after completing the rigorous customs examination, meeting and exceeding the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and expectations.

This achievement not only underscores ASBCI’s expertise in handling heavy equipment imports but also strengthens their reputation as a reliable and efficient logistics partner in the construction industry. The successful release of the MAN Dump trucks further reflects ASBCI’s dedication to meeting and surpassing client expectations, contributing to the seamless integration of these trucks into San Miguel Infrastructure’s operations.

A New Era of Ferrari

A new era of Ferrari Philippines officially arrived. Velocita Motors Incorporated (VMI) as the exclusive importer and distributor of Ferrari in the Philippines with a luxurious launched on September 2, 2023 on VMI’s showroom at 169 EDSA Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

We are proudly representing to be their nominated broker of one of the most prestigious cars in the world.

Asian Streak Brokerage Company Inc,. secured the import permits from different government agencies and arranged the customs clearance of the initially importation for display in public expositions of 3 Units Ferrari namely; Ferrari 296 GTS, Ferrari Purosangue, Ferrari 296 GTB from the Bureau of Customs.

We, the ASBCI are very happy and looking forward to be part of the future growth of Ferrari in the country.

Another Noteworthy Feat

Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc. continues to cater to various industries like vehicle, canned goods, and frozen meat items. In its five years of unwavering commitment, ASBCI remains to be a trustworthy partner in the brokerage industries.

In February 2023, an airline company, has chosen ASBCI to handle the importation of its aircraft.

The ASBCI team processed its registration and release at the customhouse of NAIA. Its dedicated team had exerted every effort in the tedious process with the Department of Finance (DOF) until the tax exemption was granted.

The aircraft was released and parked at the consignee’s hangar located in Pasay City.

On March 2, 2023, the ASBCI representatives and Customs examiner conducted the aircraft inspection at the consignee’s hangar as part of the Customs processing and releasing procedure.

The Aircraft’s certificate was issued on March 8, 2023, by the Office of the District Collector of NAIA. Another noteworthy feat for ASBCI.

A Promising Partnership

For more than five years now, Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc. (ASBCI) has been consistently delivering its commitment to clients. From cars to canned goods, ASBCI continues to perform with robust and unswerving commitment in carrying out its function to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Yet again, ASBCI has pulled off another significant feat by securing a lucrative deal with one of the biggest names in the food industry.

The ASBCI team is responsible for monitoring their shipment’s arrival until the cargo is safely unloaded. This is realized through an uncompromising dedication toward completing the documentation, and ensuring that all shipping charges are well managed. Effective coordination is assured to achieve timely transport of the frozen meat to the designated warehouse.

With this, ASBCI commitment translates to meticulous and collective undertakings to ensure a long-term relationship with its client. As Oprah Winfrey quoted, “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

Service Beyond Border

With its commitment to extend the services beyond borders, Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc. (ASBCI) has once again proven that it is worthy of its client’s trust and confidence.

From Manila, all the way to the province of Bataan, ASBCI was able to appropriately assemble a dynamic team in 2021 to meet the refinery lifting / withdrawals’ daily requirement. From documentation to release of the Provisional Goods Declaration (PGD), the team has guaranteed effective monitoring and timely fulfilment in every process toward excellent delivery of its services.

On September 28, 2021, ASBCI received its first accreditation from the Authority of Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB).

Indeed, when an organization’s service delivery demonstrates commitment to customer interests, and a focus on accountability – when we prove to customers that we have their best interests in mind, they start building relationships with ones they have faith in. AND THIS KIND OF SERVICE IS WHAT ASBCI NEVER FAILS TO UPHOLD.

ASBCI Lands Philippine’s Leading Food and Beverage Conglomerate

ASBCI is proud to be working with one of the prominent subsidiaries of the country’s leading Food and Beverage Multinational Conglomerate.

Known for providing good food and related services thereby meeting and satisfying the needs of every home, every family, and every Filipino in the country, this subsidiary is undoubtedly the most diversified food player in the country today.

To ensure that the products and services enjoyed by millions are delivered in timely fashion, ASBC has been chosen as one of the brokerage industries to do this essential function for their variety of canned goods and frozen meat products.

In July 2018, ASBC started managing one of the most popular brands of canned cooked pork in the country, the Spam.

By Bing Ramos from Quezon City, Philippines – “Spam Meal”, CC BY 2.0,

This was followed by other in-demand products in the year 2020 like Skippy, Hotdog and Corned Beef.

In the same year, ASBC has been granted another opportunity and handled the frozen meat of chicken, pork, beef and buffalo.

ASBC has been responsible for facilitating its customs clearance, managing government compliance and processing of payment. Day and night, ASBC never leaves its post until its commitment is delivered.

With a team highly knowledgeable in entry procedures, classification, valuation, and the duties and taxes imposed on imported goods, its licensed brokers help clear the shipments smoothly and without hassle.

ASBC guarantees the best arrangement for logistics needs and transport services to ensure organized and fast point-to-point moving.

Just as ASBCI values its own business, so does its clients’ goals and concerns, making sure that” PEACE OF MIND is well DELIVERED”.

A Thriving Partnership

For more than four years now, Asian Streak Brokerage Co., Inc. (ASBCI) has committed to providing streamlined and cost-effective services to its clients since its establishment on November 23, 2017. Making customers its top priority at all times, ASBCI has proven itself worthy of its clients’ trust and confidence over the years, and among them is the official importer and distributor of BMW vehicles in the Philippines.

Since then, it has been ASBCI’s responsibility to be on top of the customs process and transport of more than 3,000 BMW luxury cars, 6,000 motorbikes, and its parts and accessories. It has been providing the best arrangements for the cargos via air freight, sea freight, and road freight forwarding services.

From port to warehouse, NAIA examination, PDEA inspection, loading and releasing, ASBC is there every step of the way. With a dedicated transport personnel and Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) team, all new vehicles are well inspected, saleable condition ensured and safely delivered.

True to its commitment, ASBCI is your logistics partner EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Asian Streak Brokerage is definitely growing and will be moving to a bigger office!

Yes, ASBCI is transferring to a larger workplace to achieve its goal of delivering an excellent service to clients.

Four years ago, ASBC started with only eight staff to run the operation, and a small office in Quezon City. In 2018, its center of operations was moved to Maja Plaza in Paranaque City, with its manpower doubling to 16 workers. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Streak has remained resilient thus increasing its workforce to a total of 26 employees.

As a recent development, we are pleased to announce that ASBC is transferring its head office to Columbia Airfreight Complex along Ninoy Aquino Avenue in Paranaque City. This is yet another strategic move to best serve both its local and international clients.