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Cargo Consolidation

Cargo consolidation is considered the most practical concept of shipping as it involves efficient packaging and bundling of multiple batches of goods and convert it to larger shipments to load and unload.

ASBC works with your business so that cargo consolidation is a smooth process with faster  transit. Our team of experts will arrange and supervise each step of the process to ensure  that consolidation is done with quality and accuracy.

When do you want to consider cargo consolidation or freight consolidation?

When you want to save on fees on freight forwarding activities. 

As you will share the expense of transportation, you can save a fraction of what you usually pay for trucking dedicated to transporting your goods. Consolidating your  cargo with different organizations and utilizing similar providers will save your  business thousands of pesos. With this service, you are no longer paying for vacant  cargo space so you can allot your funds on other important things.

When you are looking for better security when it comes to shipping.  As we have frameworks setup and we partner with reliable transporters, your items will be in more secure hands. Cargo consolidation diminishes the risk of items being  misplaced or lost as there are fewer exchanges involved. Fewer exchanges mean  easier tracking of your cargo.

When customer satisfaction is important to your business 

Cargo consolidation helps the goods get to your customers rapidly and proficiently.  This helps your brand establish consistent reliability when it comes to shipping which  in turns build better relationships with your customer base.

When you appreciate better coordination 

Cargo consolidation is a process that will make it easier to track the transporting of  goods. ASBC helps facilitate the entire distribution and works on better standards  when setting due dates and assemble timeframe.


– We support distribution of your supplies to your destinations at lower cost 

– We provide support to your business when it comes to establishing reliable transport and  shipping partnered with     the best service providers

– We make it easy for you to track shipments and provide you required updates

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