Customs Brokerage & International Freight and Cargo Forwarding

Customs Brokerage Services

ASBC has a team of experts in the field managing all customs brokerage services. Our licensed customs brokers are responsible to stay updated with the industry’s best practices when it  comes to customs clearances, requirements and processes. They are highly knowledgeable in entry procedures, classification, valuation, and the duties and taxes imposed on imported goods.

Our licensed customs brokers will help you clear your shipments smoothly and without  hassle. We provide reliable services when facilitating customs clearing. Our high standards of brokerage extends to your brand and always founded on our corporate values of honesty, integrity, reliability among many others values. We will handle every step of the clearing process.

Our Operations Department can help you with a number of services including customs clearing, tariff quotations, PEZA clearances and import permits.

Since we are in charge of managing compliance when it comes to government regulations and  properly communicating with officers at the Bureau of Customs, you can rely on our officers’ expertise to provide the correct document requirements so the bureau releases your cargo.

As part of our dedication in streamlining the process from port to warehouse,  we focus on understanding that rules and regulations are 100% covered. This is also to your business’ advantage as we can work with options and still with a high quality of service.


– We only provide expert and licensed customs brokers who will take care of your cargo clearing

– We stay updated with the latest requirements and procedures of the Bureau of Customs

– We provide a streamlined process for a hassle-free clearing of your shipments that arrived

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