Customs Brokerage & International Freight and Cargo Forwarding

International Freight and Cargo Forwarding of all Classes

Our company guarantees you the best arrangement for your logistics needs through sea freight, air freight and other freight forwarding services. ASBC provides cost-effective  services and streamlined solutions for best value

We understand that speed and efficiency are the keys to deliver the commitments we make  to your business. We make sure that our freight services also support you when it comes to  domestic unloading and loading to warehouses or your retail outlets. We do these conforming with industry-standard best guidelines.

ASBC caters to various industries. To name a few: vehicle, canned goods, frozen meat. We move and manage your valuable goods at lower cost ensuring that it is not at the expense of quality.

One of the reasons why our clients choose our service is because of the customizations that  we can work with our clients. Compared to other traditional freight forwarding services,  ASBC offers more efficient and flexible options which we make possible through better  control and shipment visibility. Our service is practical as a dedicated team supervises all the  processes we are involved in.

We also put great importance on long-term relationships with businesses we work with. We stand as an organization profoundly knowledgeable in taking care of all intricacies of imports, shipments and customs brokering.

We engage in planning each part of the shipment interaction including country-explicit documentations to be consistent with the rules and guidelines. We understand that the demand for a proficient and dependable cargo forward is important to you as a business, and we also  place high importance to making sure we meet this demand. We also understand our accountability to move your cargos in the most efficient ways possible and transactions are smooth from port to warehouse.


• We arrange your air or sea or land freights with cost-effective solutions

 • We adhere to best practices and update ourselves with guidelines that are industry  standard

• We help you customize international freight and cargo forwarding service that is the most  suitable for your business needs

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